2020 Lenten Retreat

Please  join us for our 2020 Lenten Retreat. Click on the 2-page flyer above and/or read below for more information. RSVP to stk.retreat@gmail.com.

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Acquiring the Mind of Christ | Embracing the Vision of the Orthodox Church

A lenten retreat led by Archchimandrite Sergium (Bowyer), Abbot of Saint Tikhon's Monastery.

Saturday, April 4, 2020 | 9:30am - 3:30pm
Paraklesis following the retreat

Fr. Sergius will be accompanied by the Wonderworking Icon of Saint Anna, the Mother of the Theotokos

  9:30am Registration
10:00am Session 1
12:30pm Lunch
  2:00pm Session 2 with Q&A
  3:30pm Wrap Up
  4:00pm Paraklesis

Father Sergius is a convert to Holy Orthodoxy and is a graduate of Saint Tikhon's Seminary. Since 2010 he has served as the Abbott of Saint Tikhon's Monastery (America's oldest Orthodox monastery). Father Sergius has dedicated much of his service to the formation and training of future priests and has served as a lecturer in liturgical music. He is also the author of Acquiring the Mind of Christ: Embracing the Vision of the Orthodox Church

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