Bailey's Crossroads Shelter Needs

Bailey's Crossroads Community Shelter always has many needs. The current needs are listed below with especially needed items bolded.


  • Bagged lunches, non-perishable bulk-sized food, nutrition drinks (example: Boost Nutritional Drink), paper plates, bowls (for cereal/salad), cups, napkins, plastic forks and spoons

  • milk, plastic food wrap and aluminum foil (large: 18-24 in. wide), paper bags, sandwich bags, Ziploc bags (all sizes), diabetic-friendly snacks, single-serve instant oatmeal


  • all-purpose cleaner, disposable gloves

  • tile/bathroom cleaner, bleach, Lysol (spray & liquid), Pine-Sol, Clorox wipes, glass cleaner, sponges, toilet brushes


  • Flash drives, toilet paper, shower curtains (standard or extra-long), deodorant (full or travel size), men's underwear (all sizes), hoodies and thermals (men’s, women’s, unisex; all sizes), Target/Walmart gift cards, wide-brim visors/sun hats

  • work boots and work gloves (all sizes), new or gently used belts (all sizes), new underwear and socks (men's or women's, all sizes), shower shoes, new or gently used backpacks


  • sunblock, insect repellent, feminine hygiene products, adult "Depends", Theraflu, disposable razors, liquid hand soap

  • tissues, full-size body wash, full-size shampoo, toothbrushes (adult), deodorant


  • funds to help clients obtain valid IDs or copies of IDs (i.e. driver's license or other DMV ID, birth certificate, social security card). It costs approximately $10 to obtain a DMV ID (non-driver ID issued by the DMV) and $12 to obtain a copy of one's birth certificate in Virginia

  • large plastic storage bins (w/ lid)

Saints, Feasts, and Readings for 12/06/2019

Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra
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