Cyber Security Watch


Cybercrime has been infiltrating our lives for years. Many of you have received socilitations from Fr. Costa, Ray Vazquez, other parish council members, and ministry leaders. Please click on this link for an informational flyer to protect yourself. The information in the flyer is printed below if you do not want to open the file.

Cybercrime has been infiltrating our lives for years. More recently, parishes and religious communities around us are being targeted by a phishing scam where the attacker falsely poses as the parish priest and asks the recipient for money, usually in the form of gift cards.

EDUCATE yourselves and others about the dangers of emails and phone scams.

YOUR PARISH PRIEST should never reach out via personal email to request immediate financial assistance. Be vigilant if you do receive an email that fits this description! Here are some do’s and do not’s to guide you:UCATE yourselves and others about the dangers of emails and phone scams.


  • reply to the message
  • click on any links
  • download any attachments
  • use the contact information provided in the email   
  • share personal or financial data via email or phone 


  • VIGILANCE requires that you should question every email that comes in
  • VERIFY the email by contacting your parish   
  • VERY OFTEN change your passwords

REPORT CYBERCRIME IMMEDIATELY to the following Federal agencies and to the Archdiocese:

LEARN MORE by visiting by contacting the Departments of Internet Ministries and Information Technology with your questions at


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