Parish Council (Members and Email Addresses)

George Moratis, President | Chris Christou, Vice President
Andri Orphanides, Secretary | Pete Chambers, Treasurer | Takis Taousakis, Asst. Treasurer

Mission Statement: The mission of the Parish Council is to represent Christ and the Orthodox faith to all who they meet in any and all aspects of life.  The Parish Council is responsible to the Parish Assembly and the respective Hierarch for conducting all Parish affairs in keeping with the missions, aims, and purposes of the Church as set forth in the Charter and additional regulations. The Parish Council shall participate in the sacramental life of the Church.

Brian Bohle
Nick Georges
John Goranitis
Dr. Konstantinos Kohilas
Jimmy Kontzamanys
Michael Lampros
Angelos Linardakis
Peter Marketos
Sophia Varlas Oliver
Nick Ploutis
Chris Snear
Dr. Nicholas Tannous
Maria Wills
Aris Yortzidis