YAL (Young Adult League for ages 18-35)

Cheyenne Featherstone, President

Xenia Daskalopoulou, Vice President 

YAL (ages 18-35) is back in full gear! Cheyenne Featherstone has been working hard to restart YAL (Young Adult League). Cheyenne is the new YAL President and Xenia Daskalopoulou is the new Vice President. You may email them at (SaintKatherineYAL@gmail.com). Please visit the Facebook and Instagram links below and the GroupMe link (free group messaging app), and scan the QR code for more information. Please see important dates and time below the QR code.

YAL is a ministry for young adults ages 18-35. The mission of the Greek Orthodox Young Adult League (YAL) is to cultivate and educate our young adults, leading them to the fullness of the Faith and likeness of God. By utilizing the four circles of Christian living – Worship, Witness, Service, and Fellowship, young adults are integrated into the life of the Church, enabling them to become active members of the body of Christ. YAL allows young adults to connect with other Orthodox groups in the area, nurtures spiritual growth, and provides opportunities for those wanting to serve their Church and local community.

  • First Bible Study with Fr. Zisis, August 25, 7pm at The Italian Place Fairfax Mosaic
    • Thereafter, every Thursday, 7pm Bible Study (location announced weekly)
  • First YAL meeting is on Sunday, August 28 after Divine Liturgy.
    • Thereafter, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, following Liturgy during the Coffee Hour and then moving downstairs